Established in 2004, « SAXITUDE » is a creative saxophone quartet from Luxemburg, who set out to develop a unique sound with an original repertoire of jazz compositions, improvised music as well as jazz standards, rock and pop music.
Since 2004 SAXITUDE played more than 500 concerts and has been exciting music-lovers all over the world.
All professional saxophonists, SAXITUDE is developing his sound by drawing upon influences from the wide variety of the different projects the musicians are involved in.
SAXITUDE is playing the music they love to play with a lot of energy and a healthy sense of humor.
It's a vibrating live band that blends jazz, pop, funk and rock grooves.
Since 2004 SAXITUDE released 6 CDs. The new album "Four Brothers” features mainly pop songs.
Founded by Robi Arend on tenor sax the current members of the band are: Thomas Diemert on baritone sax, Remy Fox on alto sax, and Pierre Cocq-Amann on soprano and alto sax and Robi Arend on tenor sax.